Being the Better You;
has never been easier

Being the Better You;
has never tasted so good!


The supplement industry is confusing, complex and even at times complete BS.

I could not find a product based on strong evidence which would give me the body, beauty & brain benefits I was looking for.

I turned to the knowledge & skills from my science university degree and analysed the best research (systematic reviews and meta-analyses studies). I formulated & tested with naturopaths at one of Australia's best manufacturers in QLD.

After a year, we made Daily Burn, Boost & Build (D3B).

daily burn boost & build

The first 3 in 1 Supplement on the Market

Fat Burner + Brain Boosting + Skin Building
32 critical ingredients across 6 key supplementation groups:
  1. Amino Acids & Collagen
  2. Pre & Probiotics
  3. Anti-Oxidants
  4. Vitamins
  5. Adaptogens
  6. Nootropics

How D3B Works?

D3B stimulates and enhances 4 critical biological systems

Why is this important?

Each of these biological systems need to be working optimally for energy, concentration, fat conversion, efficient muscle growth and skin tone.


6 key benefits

Daily Boost, Burn & Build

Natural ingredients of ginger, cinnamon & lemon for a delicious citrus flavour.

"No matter how long & stressful my days are I have the energy and focus to work long hours" - Teresa

"D3B gets me through long days and fasting without the headaches and crashes" - Seema

"D3B stops overeating & those cravings for sugar or carbs" - Jess