The Human Operating Model (HOM) Method

is designed to provide an individual with simple and easy to implement habit changes which enable people to achieve their wellbeing and health goals in a process that is simple and has sustainable results.

How it works?

Through understanding the various human systems, of which the HOM Method has grouped them in 4 components.

You can identify any of these 4 system components that are not working optimally.


are things you can leverage to change one or more of the 4 HOM components.

Such as, what you "consume" such as "nutrition" will create change across your physical, biological, cognition & even mental health systems.

Leveraging one or more enablers will help you make changes in your health and wellbeing across all 4 HOM components.

Enablers are categorised in four categories.

Transform in 28 Days?

Try Our 28 Day HOM Method...


In the 28 Day HOM Method you will:

  1. Develop & improve your fasting capacity
  2. Develop a H2O drinking habit
  3. Develop positive sleep habits
  4. Develop evidence-based healthy eating habits & nutritional options
  5. Develop healthy activity/exercise habits

The 28 day HOM method includes a 14 Day Meal Plan

There is a daily fast for 16hrs - 20 hrs (where you can drink fasting extenders which will maintain a ketosis state)

There is also a 14 day period of 2MAD (two meals a day)

14 Day Meal Plan

Meals are based on 5 principals:

  1. Fiber first (eat veg first to line intestines with fiber)
  2. High nutrient PFCC* meals (Protein + Fat + Complex Carbs combination)
  3. Low FODMAP (minimise bowel irritation/inflammation)
  4. High nutrient & variety of fruit & veg (33), dairy* (5) & meat* (5) per week
  5. 2MAD (two meals a day) or less

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