Be Ultra Story

The first supplement designed by a business women for business women

This story started one night at around 1am where I was
sitting at my laptop to deliver a project with an unrealistic deadline.

My eyes were aching, mind was fading, and I couldn’t help but look down at my soft belly from the fact I only walked 4000 steps in 2 days.

This life of high pressure and project delivery has been my life for over 10 years now. And I am not immune from being human; and like most; I get run down, exhausted, and a flabby body when under stress and working long hours.

However, being a physiotherapist and an ex-athlete (competitive rowing), I have the experience in hacking your body and mind with supplements and a few small healthy life hacks (what I like to call HLHs).

Because if we are honest - we all do want it all!

The career, the energy, the body, the mind - that feeling when you are the best version of yourself is an awesome feeling. Who wouldn't want it.

So I spent the best part of a year reviewing and understanding the research on the various vitamins, amino acids, and supplements and testing them on myself. I figure out a nice concoction of many different pills and powders that made me feel my best every day.

I can work longer hours and stay focused;

I have the energy to exercise more and harder;

My skin and body looked toned;

I was able to get away with not exercising as much if I had a busy period and I wouldn't as easily put on weight;

And yes I still drink alcohol and have my chocolate (in moderation obviously).

However, no single vitamin or supplement product on the market had all the various ingredients I was looking for.

I designed my formula specifically to stimulate & boost 4 key metabolic processes needed for energy, fat metabolism and tone.

These include;

  • Digestion (Gut Health)
  • Stress Responses (Autonomic Nervous)
  • Metabolism (Metabolic)
  • Hormones that build collagen (Anabolic)

My life was shakes and lots of pills in old people plastic
pill dispensers. A very time-consuming process, which at the time was worth it for the benefits I was getting. But on this particular late night drinking my kombucha and
having my many pills I thought “how good would this be to have a kombucha multi-vitamin performance drink.”   

With over a year of formulation with various Australian-based naturopaths, I finally created D3B –Daily, Burn, Boost & Build; a drink I looked forward to as much as my coffee.

It’s a single delicious and convenient drink that gives me that edge; because why should any of us settle for mediocre when we can “Be Ultra”.