Hey there! Today, I want to share Lady T's story. She is a high-flying corporate professional and despite her hectic schedule, she managed to lose 5 kg in just four months.

How did she do it? With only a few minor changes to her routine and D3B everyday.

Here are her 5 tips

1. Committing to Regular Exercise:

Lady T was working crazy 12-hour days, six to seven days a week. But she didn't let that stop her from taking care of her body. Lady T made a promise to herself to exercise regularly, even if it meant just squeezing in a quick 20 or 30 minute HIIT session at home or jog.

By exercising at least five to six times a week, Lady T was able to manage her stress levels whilst boosting her energy levels.

2. Swapping Carbs for Protein:

Lady T used the HOM Method realising carbs were not doing her any favours; and were nutrient poor. Especially since she is in her 40's and her metabolism; is just not the same.

So, with a few simple recipe tips and food swaps from the HOM method she focused on swapping carbohydrates with protein. Instead of rice, she started grilling cauliflower with a sprinkle of cumin. A Tip from the HOM Meal Plan. 

Lady T also incorporated more seafood into her meals, like prawns and white fish, which are packed with protein and low in calories. These small tweaks not only helped her shed weight but also provided her with sustained energy throughout the day.

3. Supplementing with Be Ultras D3B (Daily Burn, Boost, and Build):

Lady T drank Be Ultra's D3B, and these supplements gave her the extra edge she needed to achieve her weight loss goals. With a blend of Amino Acids, probiotics, vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals and various herbal extracts. Be Ultra supported her metabolism, boosted her energy levels, and even helped her build lean muscle. Talk about a game-changer!

4. The Power of Small Changes:

What's the big lesson here? Well, sometimes it's the small changes sustained over months not week make the biggest impact; which are more sustainable. Lady T's story is proof of that. She didn't go for drastic transformations or extreme diets. Instead, she focused on making sustainable adjustments that fit into her busy life. It's all about consistency, long-term habits, and finding that new routine that can work for you. 


Lady T's journey shows us that no matter how demanding our lives may be, we can prioritise our health and achieve our health goals. By committing to regular exercise, swapping carbs for protein, and supplementing with Be Ultra's D3B, Lady T accomplished amazing things.

So, start with those small changes today, because your health and well-being deserve it. You got this!


June 16, 2023 — stephanie dowling

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