The HOM Health Assessment Survey is developed from evidence and principles from the HOM (Human Operating Model) method (see below the Survey for more details on this method).  

HOM Health Assessment measures 8 core dimensions which are fundamental indicators of health & well-being based on leading scientific studies. 

Once you complete the Survey form below you will get a report outlining your rating and recommendations to improve your well-being and health.

Your HOM Health Assessment and Report will be emailed to you within 10 - 20 minutes of completion. Please check your junk folder. 

What is the Human Operating Model (HOM) Method?

The HOM Method has been designed based on expert research and publications across various aspects of health, longevity, anti-ageing and performance. 

We have taken the various findings from over a 1000 research publications and developed a simplified method (HOM) for assessing and addressing your overall wellbeing in a sustainable and holistic way. 

Why is the HOM Method important?

Human beings are undeniably intricate and social creatures. Our physical well-being is intricately linked to our mental, emotional, and social states. Numerous non-physical factors, including stress and our environments have considerable influence over our physical health.

To attain sustainable outcomes in health transformations, addressing not just the physical dimension of health but also attending to the mental and emotional dimensions is key.

Complete the HOM Health Assessment below for a free report on where your baseline is across the 8 dimensions.

The HOM Method takes into consideration all 4 different human operating components as outline below. 

Enablers (see below), can be leveraged as change catalysts across the 4 human operating components. Since our body system is interconnected; a change in one component influences a change in another. 

Even implementing one or two of the 16 enablers above you can make a compounding difference across all 4 human operating components. The HOM Method outlines a standard framework or process of which you can pick and choose which enablers best work for you and your lifestyle.

What makes the HOM Method effective?

Research indicates that most individuals are already aware of what constitutes healthy food, drinks, and activities. This underscores that the challenge lies not in the lack of knowledge but rather in overcoming obstacles related to behavioural change, breaking unconscious habits, managing one's environment, and addressing social lifestyle challenges.

Research consistently demonstrates that the most effective approach to the challenges that hinder health transformation and weight loss is an actionable plan, that seamlessly integrates into your daily routine and lifestyle.

The HOM method offers you the tools to create a straightforward routine and plan tailored to your needs. Our goal is to provide you with a health transformation program that is sustainable, easy to follow, realistic to maintain and although change is challenging at first you can manage it.